This is the privacy policy for the Tiny Call Confirm android app.

  • Tiny Call Confirm does not collect/send any personal data of any kind.
  • The of the required permissions by the Tiny Call Confirm app, are used exclusively to the correct function of the app, and in any case any data is collected or send.
  • All the required Phone permissions (read phone status and identity) are used to offer the base functionality which is to perform the call confirm action.
  • The “Read Your Contacts” permission is used for the Call Log History feature offered by the Tiny Call Confirm app. This data is also not collected/send at all, and remains only yours. This data is stored in your phone for your own use through the Log History feature offered by the app.
  • The read/modify/delete contents of the storage permissions, are required so the app can update the Call Log History database which is created by the Tiny Call Confirm app. And also locate when available, contacts image thumbnails, which are displayed in the call confirm panel.